Lotto Lessons

Lotto, or lottery, is a game of chance as easy to play as slots, with rules similar to the game of keno. Even among people who are not regular casino gamblers, the online lotto is extremely popular in the United States as well as worldwide due to the promise of payouts to the tune of millions of dollars, won on relatively smaller bets made.

How to Play Lottery / Lotto Online

National lotteries and state lotteries have their own set of game rules, which are variations of the basic method of playing lotto, so it is important to check the rules of the particular lottery game you are playing.

Lottery, or lotto, makes use of a lottery ticket, also known as a lottery board, lottery playslip, or play slip. The lotto ticket contains a grid having numbers 1 through 49. To start playing the lottery game, you first choose the numbers you would like to play. Using a marker, mark the numbers you wish to play—typically by encircling the numbers. In the basic game, you mark six numbers since exactly six numbers are determined per lottery draw, but certain betting systems allow you to mark more than six numbers.

lotto lessons

When it comes to choosing numbers, there are certain lottery tickets where you can play with more than one set of six numbers. You also have the option not to pick the numbers yourself, by having a computer pick numbers randomly for you. You are responsible for indicating on your lottery playslip the specific draw date you are playing.

Fill in Lottery Ticket

As soon as you have filled out a lottery ticket, take it to a lottery terminal or retailer. The lotto terminal’s cashier will enter your chosen numbers into the terminal, collect your wager, and provide you a with a game ticket—which now becomes your ‘official’ Lotto/Lottery game ticket. If your numbers win, this Lotto/Lottery game ticket will be your proof that you are a winner. You will need it to claim your prize, so it is important that you do not ever lose your game ticket.

During a lottery draw, a total of 49 pingpong-sized balls, each marked with a number from 1 through 49, will be whipped about an air chamber inside a barrel, as you might have also seen done during a keno draw. Exactly six of these pingpong-sized numbered balls will be drawn, or selected, randomly, one ball at a time.

The numbers on the selected six lotto balls during the draw are the winning numbers for this particular lottery game draw. If the numbers on the six lotto balls drawn matches all or some of the numbers on your lotto ticket, you win a prize. The amount you win in a lottery game depends on two things: how many of your own picks match the drawn six numbers, and the amount per bet offered in the particular lottery game you played. You win a different prize amount depending on whether you match six, five, four, or three numbers. In certain lottery games, there is a seventh number drawn—a bonus number. If you have matched five numbers already, matching the seventh bonus number will win you the second highest prize.

Lotto/Lottery Betting Rules

The Lotto/Lottery game ticket is your proof of winning, and you need it to claim your prize. Imagine your frustration if you come to get the money you know you’ve won, only to be told that your Lotto/Lottery game ticket is invalid.

Each player is responsible for checking that the information in a Lotto/Lottery game ticket is correct and complete. This includes the six numbers you are playing and the lottery draw date you are playing for. If you wish to play the same set of six numbers for more than one lottery game, the Lotto/Lottery game ticket must contain the days you wish to play, how many weeks you wish to play for, and all the draw dates you wish to play for.

In addition, check that the bar-coded serial number on your Lotto/Lottery game ticket is legible, and that the ‘VOID’ box has NOT been marked. Finally, be sure to fill in your name, address, and phone number on the back of your winning Lotto/Lottery game ticket before you file a prize claim.